Musical discoveries

Rec Club Night

The Bailey Wiley x Miloux “Never Ever” Single Release Party

After a week in Auckland, we wanted to discover the local music scene.

Vianney remember seeing a band playing in Dunkerque back in 2013 called « Orchestra of Spheres » which is actually from Wellington.

After looking on their previous shows in Auckland, we found out they played in the REC club.

So, that’s where we decided to go on March 25th, the Rec Records Club for a concert we didn’t expected to be so cool.

It was a great night with three great local female artists discoveries.


Larz Randa

Larz Randa is a young Auckland based beatmaker/rapper mixed with pop culture.

She was surprising and impressive because of her lyrics flow and funky style. We found out her video-clips are specially creative.



Miloux was the second artist playing that night.

She was singing pop & soul songs (but mostly pop) followed by someone at electric drums.


Bailey Wiley

Bailey Wiley was the star of the night, with an even more impressive voice.

Everything turned more like soul and r’n’b tunes.

She was here to introduce a new single called « Never Ever » made with Miloux, we were glad to see their first live performance of it, accompanied by beatmaker Swaren Veygal.

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