Kiwi Volume

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We are happy to share with you our first mixtape fully made with NZ artists !

This idea came up beginning of April, after visiting the NZ Volume exhibition in Auckland, where we discover the hundreds of New-Zealand artists who make the music scene of this other English-speaking country, from the 1950s to now.

Designed by Sarah and composed/mixed by Vianney, these 55 minutes will give you an overview of several music kinds, from various decades.

A few words

As a country of the Crown, it was funny to ear similarities between one local star and a famous English band, which gives in a few exemples : One NZ artist sounds like the Police, another one sounds like The Clash and one sounds like The Cure.
Many times, we had this “sounds like this English one” feeling.

Still, many originals are in this compilation such as :

Sol3Mio, a Maori trio singing Polynesian-like songs with their acoustic guitars.
Nice melody song from Shona Laing, which remind some tones from Phantom of the Paradise soundtrack.

The Wellington-based Orchestra of Spheres, with their astonishing live music & full-colour shows.

Fat Freddy’s Drop, to remind most of the people where do they come from.
TrinityRoots with a very good Home, Land and Sea album I suggest to listen.

There might be a chance you keep singing the chorus of In The Neighborhood from the Sisters Underground for the following days, if you are not smashed by the 90’s-like rapper song Not Many even if Scribe is from the 2000’s.



Following the 1970, 1986 & 1990 songs featuring The Chicks, The Bats and Chris Know, I didn’t know how to make a transition to Poi E.
So, it was an opportunity to put a small DoubleCat interlude from our birds recordings and other stuff.

To finish, nothing better than the Patea Maori Club with Poi E.
We felt surrounding by laugh and happiness when we saw the video clip, I feel logical to share with you this pleasure :


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