Sarah & Vianney

We decided to quit our jobs after 5 years in France in order to take time to learn new things/know-hows, create projects & prepare our professional future projects.


I used to work 5 years in the electronic department of Decathlon (sporting goods megastore) between Singapore, China & France.

My project management experience has been built over strong relationships and cultural exchanges during my trips for product development, among other things.
But my most interesting challenge was to start from blank page & deploy all my ressources while setting up a customer service for all our electronic products users.

I started creating websites 10 years ago. Since then, I’m back in business while mixing my project management skills, to make the most efficient of it.

In my personal time, sports prevent me from going crazy (mainly running, but also swimming or squash), my early boy-scooting years & a road-trip in Australia back in 2010 remind me that I love being in wild nature surroundings.

Cinemas often see me coming but I have always been fond of music, whether through going to shows, writing about it, dj-ing and I always thought about making music.

This experiment is perfect to start producing some, but also try any other thing our previous 9-to-6 professional lives stuck our brains from.

My photographies in here are made with a Lumix GF-8.

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I am an art director and graphic designer, passionated by illustration, digital and motion video.

Working 5 years in digital and communication agencies in Paris, I designed websites, video animations and create brand identities.
You can visit my portfolio here >>

I’m still working for clients so feel free to contact me for any freelance projects.

In Paris, my leisure time was about exhibitions, movies, lots of concerts and going out. But I also love hiking wild landscapes, cooking in front of mountains and sing in the middle of nowhere.

Our road-trip in New-Zealand will offer us time to discover new things, express my creativity and develop sides projects. Collecting things and working on series is one of my passion. That’s why I would like to do something with it like drawings, series of photographies, plants, patterns, bird sounds, music …

I’m still a digital girl so you can follow my pictures on Instagram and watch images I’ve collected on Pinterest.